Accommodation Mountains

We offer you a very varied selection of mountain huts in the Czech Republic. If you are nature lovers or in winter skiing or snowboarding, do not hesitate to browse our current offer. We can guarantee you people's low prices for the beautiful accommodation of the mountain in different parts of our beautiful country.
We can also provide you with our pleasant approach on which we are founded. Therefore, do not be afraid to write or call us when you have any questions or you will not understand anything. And if you are not sure how your holiday would look or what our destination to choose… We will gladly help you and we will send you accommodation tailored to the mountains! Of course, if you want, we will give you and contacts to the owner, but do not worry. All the mountain accommodation we offer, we have a good guided tour and meet our criteria.
Don't hesitate
Do not hesitate and at least go through our rich offer and you will surely choose something here. Believe that you will try with us once and continue to return to us. So don't waste your time, contact us, order a mountain stay, invite friends, acquaintances or family and come to us.

Kingdom of fantasy and games-even so can look children’s room

Arranging a children's room is not quite as simple as it might seem at first glance. Every parent who already has a similar experience is aware of this. Children's rooms should be separate worlds for your children. They should provide them with a safe background, but also offer a pleasant space for a variety of adventures.
Come and consult the newly opened showroom in Prague
If you consider these and many other aspects, you can create true kingdoms for your offspring. Especially, if you take to help imagination and online shop furniture-Elegance. Children's rooms or children's kits can be viewed not only on the website of this company, but also in the newly opened showroom furniture-Elegance in Prague.

With good trade it goes to buy itself

Do you have your favorite store and are still looking for some new benefits in it? It can be a variety of events, or just a permanent assortment that has a cheap business. You can think of anything, but surely you will always come to the same shop and you always buy the same. But if you use Lidl store once, you'll know that the quality offer is right here. You will be excited about all the choices that our leaflet Lidl will open, so please feel free to use our services.
We offer you to view
Just take a look at us and browse through a leaflet that symbolizes a quality offer and very friendly prices. For you, this shop will be really good, because it is in any larger small town, so it offers pleasant shopping along with new experiences that will cover low prices and mainly high-quality staple foods.

Be smart and save on your vacation

Choose your holiday
Croatia accommodation will surely tune you to a pleasant string with its content and range of services.
Warm sea and burning sunshine await
Get ready for the summer. If you want to travel in the sun, you can order Croatia accommodation, which will convince you by its localization by the sea, the perfect equipment, and the exceptionally great range and content of the services provided, that the investment in a relaxing holiday was The best decision. All organizational issues are handled in a dynamic way by sympathetic delegates who are ready to ensure everything to the maximum satisfaction of the participants of the trip. Choose the most desirable areas that are perfectly prepared for the influx of tourists from all over the world.
Luxury Stay by the sea
It depends only on you what eventuality from the offer of Croatia accommodation you choose, in terms of your wishes for the availability of services and facilities of specific objects, but also financial conditions.

Flooring for every environment

Your dream has always been to buy wooden floors? Now you are rearranging? Do not let these fabulous, high-quality and long-lasting floors be spoken again.
Wooden floors Create the right home. These great floors create a special feeling warmth. Your home will be cozy and you'll feel great. Not only you, but everyone who visits you. Anyone who visits you now will feel really great. The wooden floor creates a friendly atmosphere, creating a great home environment.

Flooring for every environment
Wooden floors fit really into the interior. Just choose the color and type of wooden floors appropriately and you will be satisfied. Modern or rustic style, it is up to you, these floors match with any equipment of the house or apartment.

Beautiful masseuses

Do you need a new type of relaxation? You had only sport till today, but you feel that you should find also something different, because you have stereotype in your life and it is problem? We can offer you specific relaxation, which is perfect and we are sure that you will be satisfied. We offer you erotic massage that can help you with removing stress from body, but it can also remove worries that you can in your mind. We have specific relaxation place, so you can enjoy quiet, inaction and great procedure that you cannot have in different salon. There are not sexual services, we have very exacting rules.
Special rooms, special procedures
Which service you can avail? There is for example soapy massage that you will love from first second. It is type body to body, so you will feel your masseuse very intensive. There will be used special foam that is important because of sliding. She will slide on you and you will feel very specific touches thanks to her points. This procedure has elements from Thai and Turkish procedure, so you can find exotic goings.

Walk through the Rose Orchard

Have you ever experienced the feeling when you have to pull your feet out of the heated duvet in the morning and lay them on a cold uncomfortable ground? With us you can say goodbye to such feelings. Decide to change and step into a new day along the surface that will be pleasant to your feet. Whether you like smooth, hairy or natural surfaces, Pilsen flooring allows you to feel what you desire under your feet.  Walk in the morning with a pink orchard right in your bedroom.
Morning starts day
With which feeling you rise, such will not only be the beginning of the day, but your mood will accompany you until the evening. Make your life more pleasant and walk with a smile on your lips from the very morning. You, your friends and the wide surroundings will feel the change. Satisfaction begins at home, in the background, which you are happy to return to and draw from it energy after a busy day.


At last, my children grew out of the worst age when household equipment was just burning. When they are all stuned, slow, scratching, scraping and operating other anti-damage activities against household equipment. Finally, I can rot and imagine what new equipment will look like. I can see it, it will be completely in wood, no plywood or particleboard. The material will be very durable for sure and long lasting. I must also have a choice of colors and that of one contractor, whether it is not every bit from someone else.
Best choice
That is why I have decided that new pieces of furniture made of solid wood will be tailored and made by one contractor. It must be the hardest wood in the world, in several possible shades. The choice must be from cabinets and shelves to dining and coffee table and beds.

Tranquility to your Bedrooms

Choose the right types of equipment that will give you and your family only the original comfort you dream about. Furniture made of solid wood is the right choice, as you can easily and very well, equip your example bedrooms, in which you spend your days and moments of rest. With us, you can choose the perfect and very magnificent types of kits, kits and individual parts, in super quality, in beauty even at bargain prices, every time.
Gorgeous decors and colorful images
Furniture made of solid wood, you can choose from a variety of colors and perfect types of combinations. It is so durable and very rigid that it will serve you perfectly in all places. Only with its original quality, will your rooms and it completely on any places, beautiful, quality and very practical. Choose the right types of equipment that will help you and your family with comfort.

The Lights You love

Choosing suitable bulbs for your home can sometimes be challenging. If, of course, you don't want to spend money on high electricity bills, you should definitely choose each appliance gently and carefully. This is also true of light bulbs, which are small, and the consumption of one such bulb is almost negligible. But we should realize how often we use the bulbs and how many we have at home. In this case, everything will be stacked up considerably and you may be unpleasantly surprised. That's why you should also choose a light bulb.
You have a choice
That's why LED lights are a good choice for every home, we guarantee you. You will see that you come to your own and you will be very pleased with the result, because these bulbs are very economical. Their power consumption is really slim, so you will surely notice the result. Therefore, do not pay unnecessarily large bills for power consumption, if it is otherwise. We can tell you how, so please contact us anytime, and in our offer choose a really good quality bulbs.