A Few Tips for Those Traveling with Diabetes

Planning a trip is a fun and exciting time for anyone. However, traveling to a new place can get you out of a routine. Delayed meals, unfamiliar food, and an increase in activity can disrupt a person’s diabetes management. Fortunately, there are many tips for a person to plan ahead when it comes to enjoying a vacation and being able to manage their diabetes.

Before The Trip

Before planning or taking a trip, visit your doctor for a checkup to make sure you are fit to go on the particular trip. Things to discuss with the doctor include how the planned activities could affect your diabetes and what you can do about it, how to adjust insulin doses when traveling to a different time zone, any vaccines needed, and prescriptions for various medications in the event they are lost. When packing, always put your diabetes supplies in a carry-on bag and order a meal for the flight that fits within your meal plan guidelines.

While Traveling

If you are driving, pack a cooler filled with healthy foods, snacks, and water. It is important not to store insulin or diabetes medicine in a hot car or direct sunlight. Healthy food options at an airport or a roadside restaurant include fruit, nuts, yogurt, eggs and omelets, salads with fish or chicken, burgers with lettuce in place of the bun, and fajitas. For more healthy food options, do an online search and click here to read more about food alternatives when traveling.

While on Vacation

A person’s blood sugar may be out of range when arriving at the destination, so it is important they check their levels often and treat the highs and lows as instructed by the doctor. If high activity is planned, check blood sugar levels before and after the activity so that the proper adjustments can be made. When it comes to food, avoid buffets and order healthier choices off the menu.

Diabetes does not have to stop a person from enjoying traveling. Being prepared and making a few modifications will allow the person to have the time of their lives while vacationing.