A Huge Condominium Project Brings a New Flair to Downtown Montreal

Montreal is one of North America’s most historic cities, but that is not to say the city is standing still. Founded nearly two hundred and eighty years ago, Montreal is still evolving with the times and becoming even more exciting and appealing.

One notable recent development has been a renewed interest in living in the city’s center. While Montreal never suffered much from the flight to the suburbs that dragged other major Canadian cities down, its downtown core lost some of its luster over the years.

That is starting to change quickly thanks largely to a number of new projects. One condominium complex put up by Brivia Group CEO Kheng Ly, for instance, is bringing a new style of living to a city with a long history.

Downtown Montreal Gets a Makeover

Montreal is famed all over the world for being a culturally rich and dynamic city. Many of Montreal’s neighborhoods have truly distinctive characters of their own that make them special and interesting places to live.

The downtown core of the city, however, has historically lacked somewhat in terms of personality. Although well stocked with large buildings used for commercial purposes, it has not always been considered an especially appealing residential zone.

That is now beginning to change thanks to some especially ambitious recent development projects. Brivia Group’s YUL condominium plan was designed from the ground up to add something new and distinctive to the downtown area.

Luxurious Living in the Center of Montreal

With an overall cost of $215 million, the YUL development is one of the largest to arrive in Montreal for many years. The project’s backers aimed for more than sheer scale even if that attribute is especially striking.

A deep commitment to enabling and supporting luxury is evident throughout YUL’s two towers. From the refined look and finish of the units to the carefully detailed shared spaces, YUL lacks for nothing that luxury-oriented buyers could want.

As a result, living in downtown Montreal no longer needs to mean making the kinds of sacrifices that used to be so typical. While Montreal’s historic character is still firmly in evidence, the city is also changing in ways that make it feel more modern and exciting.

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