Applications for Pole Barn Structures

Also referred to as post-frame buildings, pole barns have long been popular among farmers. Today’s Pole Barn Contractors do far more than just build safe and affordable housing solutions for livestock, though. Read on to find out about some of the other common applications for pole barn structures.

Storage Solutions

One of the great things about post-frame construction is that it can be used to create buildings of all sizes. That means no matter what landowners are looking to store, contractors can use this versatile building method to create a building that will fit their needs. Sizes range from small sheds to giant bays designed to accommodate large agricultural equipment and more.

Detached Garages

There’s a common misconception that pole barn buildings are only used on farms and commercial properties. In reality, pole barn structures’ affordability and versatility are encouraging residential property owners across the country to put up post-frame garages, as well. It’s easy to design a pole barn building large enough to accommodate garage doors and multiple vehicles with enough space left over for storage.

Residential Workshops

Want some extra space to work on projects but don’t want to spend a small fortune on a traditionally constructed workshop? Pole barn structures provide a perfect solution. They’re affordable to construct but sturdy enough to withstand the elements and protect expensive tools and equipment, and with some lighting and heat, they provide space for homeowners to work on projects of all sizes year-round.

Commercial Buildings

Post-frame construction is becoming increasingly popular among commercial property owners. It’s now common to see everything from office spaces to veterinary clinics housed in beautiful and practical pole barn structures.

Residential Homes

Think building a new home has to cost a lot of money and require years from design to completion? Think again. Post-frame construction can even be used to create comfortable homes with plenty of curb appeal, at least if property owners choose the right contractor.

The Bottom Line

Contractors who specialize in post-frame construction can use the basic pole barn design to create buildings of all sizes for less than it would cost to build traditional structures. Learn more by getting in touch with a contractor who can help.