Exploring the History and Benefits of Cooking with Ceramic

In the world of cooking, it seems some revolutionary new development is hitting the market every day. Stoves and ovens have undergone monumental transitions over the years and now use the power of technology at every possible level. Cookware certainly hasn’t been left out of the mix, either. Dozens of new alternatives are out there at this point. Everything from copper and carbon steel to classic cast iron and clay is now available. Of course, ceramic cookwares can’t be ignored.

Looking Back in Time

By some historical accounts, versions of ceramic cookware have been around since 9000 B.C. In those early days, people made their own vessels for cooking and used them over an open fire. Back then, ceramic was functional but had its fair share of flaws. Making cookware and storage containers was time consuming and difficult. These items held up well to heat and repeated use but not to impacts.

Into the Present

Over the centuries, metal slowly replaced ceramic as the cookware of choice for most people. Mass production gave rise to an endless lineup of new cookware options. Eventually, non-stick coatings became popular. Though most were highly effective, they had certain problems as well. Over time, the coating would begin to flake off and float around in the food being cooked on them. Ceramic alternatives help solve the issues some cookware presents and offers a number of benefits.

  • No Heavy Metals: Certain metal cookware contains potentially dangerous heavy metals or is coated with materials containing them. These hazardous elements can leach into foods and be transferred into the body. True ceramic doesn’t contain these metals and isn’t coated with them.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Ceramic conducts heat well, so foods cook evenly. You don’t have to worry about foods being charred in one spot and still raw in another.
  • Low Maintenance: Cast iron cookware offers many of the same benefits as ceramic, but it needs to be seasoned and rusts easily if it’s not dried properly. Ceramic doesn’t have to be seasoned and won’t rust.

These are only a few of the benefits of ceramic cookware. It’s highly durable, easy to clean and is heat resistant enough to be used in the oven. At the same time, it provides a non-stick cooking surface so you won’t end up scrambling your foods during the cooking process.

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