How Consumer Portfolio Services Provide Fast Assistance

Auto loans help consumers purchase a reliable automobile when they don’t have the capital on their own. The right loan products are affordable and won’t present financial hardships for the borrower. Reviewing how auto lenders help consumers who need a car helps the borrowers get the answers they need.

Evaluating the Consumer’s Credit History

Evaluating the consumer’s credit history determines if the consumer has a history of paying their debts on-time. All credit scores are reviewed to determine if the borrower qualifies for an auto loan. The lenders review all three credit scores and compare the scores to all the loans available to the consumer. Some lenders provide auto loans for consumers with bad credit.

Assessing the Income to Debt Ratio

Assessing the income to debt ratio for the consumer determines if the consumer can afford the auto loan. The ratio is based on the consumer’s monthly obligations and their current monthly expenses. The lender adds auto loan payments and insurance to the total monthly expenses. The value is subtracted from the consumer’s monthly income. If the findings determine that the borrower can afford the loan, the lender extends an offer.

Extending an Auto Loan to the Consumer

Extending an auto loan to the consumer allows the lender to determine if the offer is acceptable to the borrower. Typically, the lender provides the highest loan value available to the borrower, and he or she determines what amount they need. Once the lender and borrow arrive at the best deal, the borrower signs the contract, and the funds are deposited into their preferred account.

Helping Borrowers Manage Their Payments

Helping borrowers manage their payments prevents common obstacles. Lenders offer several ways to pay the loan payments and keep the payments current. If the borrower is facing financial issues, the lenders offer assistance.

Auto loans are great products for consumers who don’t have the upfront capital to buy a car. The first step is to review the consumer’s credit history and credit scores. Their income to debt ratio determines what amount is affordable. Auto buyers who want to learn more about the loans contact Consumer Portfolio Services for more information now.