Information and creative Spirit

Today, it is not a problem to find virtually any information. According to the internet we bake the cake, we grow orchines and last but not least we can make a variety of teas and medicines. And if you are a DIY nature, you will happily discover every new idea. When I first ran into a site devoted to the sale of marijuana seeds, I was convinced that it was illegal until I read about the technical hemp, which, on the contrary, is legal, but still retains its healing effects. I ordered my first seeds that day. She planted them and began studying the production of ointments and other drugs.
From tea to Shampoo
Tea was the first thing I cooked from hemp. It didn't take long and I held my first handmade ointment in my hand. I found a few manuals, but it was enough to try and soon I came to the one that suits me the most. Now I supply the most of my friends with medicinal extracts, ointments and shampoos, which they can not praise.