How to achieve orgasm? This is a complex question, which for experienced lovers can be a smile, but for inexperienced boys who are only getting to know the pitfalls of intimate coexistence and the proximity of the female body, this is a question directly fundamental and paramount. Theoretically a young man knows what a clitoris is, necking, petting, Conniingus, but at the same time it arouses great fears.
Concentrate on this nice
If you are not sure and you desire a woman to satisfy and fail, you can get a tutorial on how. The instructions for you will not satisfy the girl, but will give you a sufficient amount of stimuli, increase your self-esteem and minimise the likelihood of your failure. And when there's a mention of the failure. This is not to worry, it also happens to the experienced lovers. Never stop at what has failed, concentrate on what was nice for her.