Think of yourself

We certainly don't need to teach anyone about ourselves. A certain egoism is completely natural to every living creature, not a man. It is, after all, an essential prerequisite for the survival of this living organism. But it is not possible to generalize this basic life strategy of living organisms into all human life. This would end in utter anarchic, where every ruthless would fight for its own interests, regardless of the needs of others. While Liberals admonise this strategy and consider it a fair principle of the functioning of a market economy, is it really justifiable in everything?
It's hard
It is really hard to imagine that a person will think only and solely on his profit. Is it possible to have a common interpersonal relationship in such an approach? Does love not stop? Solidarity? How will loving partners work when a man does not care about how to satisfy a woman and she does not care about the pleasure of her partner? Can you imagine?